Ultimate Warrior Sings Barry Manilow, Get Well Campaigns, the Legion of Doom, and Jon Lovitz too!

So last night I had a dream where I was watching a promo circa 1989 of the Ultimate Warrior singing/screaming the Barry Manilow tune Mandy. If you are unfamiliar with this utter sapfest, give it a listen here:

As I woke up, all I could think was that I should really take a break from wrestling some time soon. Also, I blame all of this on Bill Apter, who is obsessed with Barry to this day. So yeah, I am blaming BILL APTER for my apparent trip to the looney bin. SPEAKING OF LOONEY BINS…time to open the mailbag!

Rob N kicks us off with…”What was WWF’s silliest campaign to pad their mailing list?”

That was actually a pretty brilliant strategy they had back in the day. For the uninitiated, what the company would do is have a storyline where they’d urge fans to write in get well cards or whatever to the wrestlers to a specific PO box. The company would then get all the mailing addresses of the folks who sent cards or horrible drawings in and then start mass mailing them promo items. Clever! And while the easy answer was the ridiculous “Get Well Matilda” campaign, let’s not forget this promo by the awesome Fred Ottman:

An incredible promo followed up by “Mean Gene” being so insincere it’s borderline insulting. Oh how I miss the glory days of this dumb company!!

Robert R asks…”Is your ideal mail person more Newman or Cliff Clavin?”

Newman. I know a lot of folks absolutely loved Cheers but I was never one of them.

Geoff G wants to know…”What are your thoughts on the fact that the last surviving member of the Legion of Doom now is Heidenreich?”

This one came in on Facebook, and was immediately followed up with replies of Paul Ellering and Christy Hemme. However…and I can’t believe I am saying this…aren’t y’all forgetting someone?

Yeah. Now that I’ve cursed us with this photo, she’ll probably be out on the streets again.

Sean B sends in his weekly request…”When will you put Inoki vs Great Antonio in the Wrestlecrap hall of shame or squash of the week?”

Soon. Or at the very least soonish.

Simon JL ponders…”Did Sheamus covering Alberto Del Rio’s car in fast food ever make you want to create a Tout account?”

Sounds like INDUCTION material to me – please send it my way!

Ralph A is live from New York with…”If there had been one, would Burt Reynolds have been the ultimate taskmaster villain or the final hero in the WrestleCrap Cinematic Universe?”

Oh man, I loves me some older SNL. So many incredible characters that still make me laugh. Anytime I am having a bad day I fire up clips of Celebrity Jeopardy and all my troubles go away. Too many to choose from but here’s a few of my all time faves. I can’t tell you how many times a week I say “We all get older Khan!” I suggest you do as well!

See y’all soon! Keep sending those questions in here or over on my Facebook account!

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