Maki Itoh Sings The Cruel Angel’s Thesis

There’s been endless debate on what AEW can do to turn their fortunes around, but I have the answer. I know a sure-fire way to increase live attendance, boost ratings, and make millions in merch: more Maki Itoh!

The clip of her singing her bop of a theme song while everyone else wrestles always makes me laugh. And you know what? We could use a lot more of that. If Maki Itoh came out to sing her theme during a Rampage main event or during a Timeless Toni Storm promo, it would be a license to print money.

Don’t believe me? Just listen to The Fired Idol belt out the theme for one of extremely popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cruel Angel’s Thesis. I love all the other wrestlers, like fellow sometimes AEW-er Yuka Sakazaki, getting into it as well. I’m telling you, license to print money.

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