Hulk Hogan Boosts The Tampa Bay Lightning

Another season of the National Hockey League has begun! When you think of hockey and professional wrestling, who comes to mind? Longtime readers will certainly think of The Goon. Some fans may think of Chris Jericho whose father Ted Irvine played for the Rangers, Bruins, Blues, and Kings. CM Punk is a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan. It may not be the most popular major sport, but it certainly has its connections to wrestling.

Would you think Hulk Hogan? Probably not, but the Florida resident and beach shop owner gets the nod from the Tampa Bay Lightning during their playoff game against the Montreal Canadiens. He does a little promo about “kicking a little Canadian ice” to pump up the crowd before the clip sadly cuts off.

What a shame! I would’ve loved to hear Hulk Hogan talk about the finer points of hockey, like the neutral zone trap, the importance of keeping a box during the penalty kill, and working the cycle in the offensive zone.

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