Sting Quartz Clock

In the Comments for the ugly early 90’s Sting Nuan clock, Crapper MistaMaddog wrote:

Glad no one made a Crow Sting clock since waking up to that thing would be creepy. 😛

I’ve got one better!

How about an NWO Wolfpack Lobster Crow Sting clock?

How’s that for terrifying?

I love that it’s part of the “Hume Furnishings Collection”. I could see a Newlywed couple picking this up to decorate the kitchen in their their modestly-priced conservative ranch home.

“Makes for a great gift”?

Oh yeah, sure! I can just see how well that would go…

“Happy Birthday Troy, I hope you enjoy this horribly frightening Lobster Crow Sting clock. But you’ll have to buy your own AA battery, pal ’cause there ain’t one in this box!”.

License to lose a friend!

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