Hulk Hogan And Steve Austin Carnival Glass

I’ve written about a fantastic piece of Hulk Hogan carnival glass that Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula found in the past, and now I’ve found more!

These are the kind of tacky, but somehow really interesting (in cheap knockoff sort of way) prizes you could win at carnivals and State Fairs after you somehow manage to win at one of the rigged games.

Hulk Hogan artwork carnival glass

Today we have these splendid examples of unlicensed, unofficial carnival glass featuring Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Hulk Hogan Hollywood Hogan carnival glass Hulk Hogan Hulkamania carnival glass

These Steve Austin ones are my favorite just because they put almost no effort into them. They just grabbed a promotional photo of Steve, added their own “wacky” sideways cut out lettering on top of it, and put it in a cheap cardboard frame.

Stone Cold Steve Austin 2 peices of carnival glass Stone Cold Steve Austin carnival glass 1

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