WWE Speed Drafts Randy Orton’s Entrance

WWE Speed WWE Draft Randy Orton

Hartford, CT – In a surprising move, WWE Speed has drafted Randy Orton’s entrance.

WWE Speed, the newest show from the company, focuses on 3-minute matches shown exclusively on the social media platform X. The unprecedented move to draft a Superstar’s entrance was done in hopes of boosting the short-form program.

“Officials from Twitter or X or whatever it’s called this week have assured me that people are watching Speed, so we decided to add a little extra start power,” explained COO Triple H. “Now, because the shows are so short, we can only include Randy’s entrance. It’s win-win when you think about it. Speed gets a big star and now Smackdown is significantly shorter.”

Despite being drafted to Smackdown, Orton will now be without his trademark slow entrance and poses.

“We’re playing around with some ideas on how to get me to the ring,” said Orton after being split from his entrance. “I’m going to try that golf cart Kevin Owens used to drive me to the ring at Wrestlemania. I might use a pogo stick or a Segway. Worse comes to worse, Braun Strowman can carry me to the ring like a baby. Swaddle me and everything. Really save my strength for the match, y’know?”

Fans are curious if Orton’s entrance will challenge WWE Speed champion Ricochet right away or go for a long, 9-minute program instead.

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