Luchasaurus Renamed Chilly McFreeze

Luchasaurus Christian Killswitch AEW

Montreal, QC – AEW’s resident wrestling dinosaur man Luchasaurus has once again been renamed, this time taking up the name Chilly McFreeze.

The sudden alteration comes just days after his name was changed to Killswitch. After receiving cease and desist letters from the band Killswitch Engage and Namco USA, the makers of the video game Kill Switch, AEW quickly decided to change course.

The new moniker was revealed in a backstage segment featuring Christian Cage, the now former Luchasaurus, and Nick Wayne.

“Killswitch is no more!” declared Cage. “Last week didn’t count. After thinking over it long and hard, this group needs a frosty, calculating monster. Someone that has ice running through his veins. Someone that’s…stone cold. I give to you…Chilly McFreeze!”

Donning a toque, scarf, and mittens, a shivering Luchasarus waved meekly. An avalanche of boos from the crowd buried the segment.

“Shut up! He’s a cold-blooded reptile. Don’t you get it? It’s clever! It makes sense! Also, an asteroid killed his dad,” said Cage.

“Chilly 3:16 says I just froze your ass,” sighed McFreeze through chattering teeth.

AEW has already begun printing Chilly McFreeze wool socks, snow pants, and winter parkas.

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