Code Required To Make Jon Moxley Not Bleed In AEW Fight Forever

Youtubers react to AEW Fight Forever

Hamilton, ON – With the long-awaited release of AEW’s first video game just a few days away, gamers have discovered a special code to make former champion Jon Moxley not bleed.

After many, many, many updates and changes, Fight Forever will finally be out this week. Fans with advance copies have been sharing clips of the game’s specialty matches and unique gameplay. The overall reaction to Fight Forever has been loud.

Moxley, known for his penchant for hardcore matches and ability to bleed excessively, will not be able to hemorrhage in the game after the code has been entered.

Several gamers have used the code to experience a bloodless Moxley match.

“I put Mox in the Exploding Barbed Wire Death match and nothing happened!” Youtuber Cucumber Succulence shouted unnecessarily. “He was dry as a bone, which was weird because I’m pretty sure I broke a few of them.”

“We hit the one-hour time limit and not a drop of red!” shouted Twitch user Adjective Noun Numbers. “Chairs? Nothing. Light tubes? Nothing. Flaming tables? Nothing. I love it!”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” shouted the streaming duo Gaming Goobers.

The introduction of a code has created interest among gamers to find other Easter eggs in Fight Forever. Intrepid fans have also discovered “Survive Jericho” mode where players get stuck in a feud with Chris Jericho and lose all your momentum. There’s also “Special Announcement” mode where you have to come up with different reasons for people to tune into Rampage. Finally, there is a “Create-A-Show” mode where players can create another new AEW television show.

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