List Of Alternative Names For WALTER Leaked

Stamford, CT – Fans were in an uproar this week when NXT fan-favorite Walter’s name was inexplicably being changed to Gunther. The anger was quickly magnified after it was revealed that WWE filed a trademark for the name “Gunther Stark”, a name shared by a Nazi U-boat commander.

To ease the bad press, a member of the creative team leaked a list of other potential names for the Superstar to various outlets. The move was done to show fans that there was no ill intention with the name change.

“We have lots of big plans for Gunter,” said one anonymous writer. “It was just an unfortunate coincidence. Sometimes, in the heat of re-writing Raw for the fifth time in two hours, things slip through the cracks. Hopefully this list of other names will prove that we meant no offense.”

The list of names include:

Gunter Herst Helmsley

Schlitz Von Erich

Rommel McDonald

Killer Karl Kraut

Bili Von Shtupp

Gustav Goosestep

Hans Und Franz

Colonel Klique

Oscar Ze Grouch

Fake Heidenreich

Augustus Gloop

Kaiser Scheisse

Otto Mobile

Madman Mundt

Frank N. Furter

Baron Von Fashski

Werner Hurtzog

Helmut Schnitzelnazi


Moving forward, WWE Creative has vowed to take at least 15 seconds Googling names before filing trademarks.

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