Brandi Rhodes Becomes The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion

Brandi Rhodes wins the Unidisputed WWE Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 39

Los Angeles, CA – The wrestling world was stunned Sunday night as Brandi Rhodes became the first woman ever to win the Undisputed WWE Universal championship.

Echoing Hulk Hogan’s surprise win at Wrestlemania IX, WWE crowned a new champion that was not scheduled to wrestle. Despite not being advertised or seen on WWE television in years, Brandi immediately stole the show.

The shocking win at Wrestlemania 39 followed Brandi’s husband Cody losing to long-time champion Roman Reigns in the main event. As confetti seemingly fell from the heavens, Brandi snuck in behind the Head Of The Table as he was celebrating.

Fireworks exploded in SoFi Stadium providing the distraction Brandi needed to enact her plan. With a referee standing by her side, Brandi school-boyed Reigns, hooking his tights. Cheers turned to shocked silence as the referee raised Brandi’s hand and awarded her the belts. The show faded to black as Reigns and her husband Cody laid prone at the feet of a triumphant Brandi.

Wrestling historians have noted that the win is now the fasted in Wrestlemania history, beating out The Rock vs Erick Rowan, Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan, and King Kong Bundy vs S.D. Jones.

The ride back to the hotel in Cody’s personal bus was held in icy silence as Brandi took selfie after selfie holding the belts. WWE is planning for a celebration on Monday Night Raw where Brandi Rhodes will reveal her new reality show, Brandi Land.

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