The Rockers Go to McDonald’s. Reaching for Content, WWF Magazine?

When you’re putting out content constantly, you sometimes just have to post something to hit a deadline. I admit, I’ve been guilty of that myself. With that said, I don’t think I’ve ever scraped the bottom of the barrel like what we’re seeing in the February 1992 issue of the Official WWF Magazine. Let’s dive into it!

The very first thing I see is this: “The Russian Bolsheviks, Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Khukov, look awesome.” The only way that sentence would ever be truthful is if it was followed by “said no one ever” whichi is of course not the case here. We also get a sidebar that tells us that Hillbilly Jim being added as a color commentator to All-American Wrestling is guaranteed to make it a “sure-fire success.” I honestly don’t know if that or the line about the Bolsheviks is the bigger lie here.

We also get a bit about Hulk Hogan meeting Gene Hackman, and there’s not a single Hogan tall tale in sight. If that photo was published today I bet the Hulkster would tell us that he was going to be Lex Luthor in the Superman films but he wouldn’t shave his head for the part, brother.

Ok, let’s just skip over the stuff about Tito Santana and Big Boss Man “beatin’ the daylights” out of geeks before strapping a bowling ball to their feet. Usually I wouldn’t do that, but come on – THE ROCKERS WENT TO MCDONALD’S! Seriously, this was actually in a magazine that people paid money for. “The Rockers recently stopped by McDonald’s in Witchita, Kansas. While they were there, Marty and Shawn signed over a thousand autographs for their fans.“. Sorry, I cry BS on that one. “Comments Jannetty, “When you’re rockin’ and rollin’ every day of the week, it’s great to meet the people who make it worthwhile.” As a result of their visit to McDonald’s, the Rockers may have gained a few pounds; the manager gave them a bag containing one of each item on the menu.“. Only one of each? Who got the Filet o’ Fish? No wonder these two broke up. Thanks a lot, Ronald!

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