Brandi Rhodes Goes To ‘Extreme’ Lengths To Remove Cody’s Neck Tattoo

Atlanta, GA – Former Nightmare Collective leader Brandi Rhodes is resorting to extreme measures to remove the large tattoo on her husband Cody’s neck.

The shocking plan was accidentally revealed backstage after Cody and Andrade El Idolo’s fiery Street Fight finish last week. While many saw the fight as unnecessary and a vain attempt at Cody trying to appeal to fans, Brandi admitted it was entirely her idea.

“Curses!” Brandi shouted after the match. “I really thought fire would get the job done. Flames destroy and purify all. Well, ole’ Brandi has a few more aces up her sleeve.”

The garish tattoo has been the source of Brandi’s ire for months.

“He ruined it,” lamented Brandi. “His beautiful, swan-like neck, destroyed by that..that…thing. It’s like someone melted a Bomb Pop onto a Kid Rock cd at Sturgis! How will we ever be a Hollywood power couple with that patriotic blob on his body?”

Determined to get rid of the tattoo, Brandi has been encouraging Cody to have more extreme matches. Her hope is that the risky in-ring action will permanently remove the design. While the flaming table spot only singed her husband’s back, Brandi remained focused.

“Oh, how about a barbed-wire rope match, sweetie?” posited Brandi after the match. “That will totally get the people behind you. Maybe a Plate Glass match? Exploding Ring? Cage Of Death? Piranhas? Laser On A Pole match? C’mon, the fans will love that! E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub! It’s guaranteed to make people love you!”

If all else fails, Brandi has invested in both Brillo pads and steel wool.

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