WWE Check This Out

Recently, WWE received the coveted Red Diamond award from Youtube for passing over 100 million subscribers. They are the 10th channel to receive the award and, since I am old and have no idea who most of the other channels are, that’s an extra impressive milestone. Plus, it’s a great resource for this site and column.

It did give me the idea to go to their channel and look up some of the earliest stuff they posted. Before Youtube was an internet powerhouse that can be watched on just about any electronic device, companies were trying to figure out this new-fangled video website dealie. Sometimes things worked, but a lot of times they were just throwing stuff out there without much thought or care.

In this, one of their earliest uploads, we have a guy, bathed in a sickly greenish-yellowish lighting, frantically yelling at us about WWE pay-per-views in what sounds like an empty garage. Does that make you want to watch WWE? Or does it make you want to find out what’s going on with Pepe Silvia?

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