Okada, Who ACTUALLY Won the Gooker, Bucks vs. Sting, and the Worst Wrestling Giants!

Not gonna lie – I’m way more excited about the NFL playoffs going on at the moment than anything involved with pro wrestling (save for Will Ospreay’s imminent US arrival). For the record and so you can all laugh at me after this weekend, I want the Texans, Packers, Lions, and Bills to win. However, I think only the Lions will actually make my dreams come true. Which would be awesome, as it would have been something Blade would have loved. Onto the mailbag!

Arya W kicks us off (see what I did there?) with…”Now that Okada is leaving New Japan, you should finally induct the Vince Russo booked Okada “run” in TNA in 2011ish that included him with a Lone Ranger mask and being Samoa Joe’s cameraman.”

What’s amazing is that I’ve seen almost none of this, but obviously as you noted it’s long overdue. Expect to see that in the nearish future from either myself or Art for sure.

Mike M wants to know…”What were the exact totals of votes for the two winners of this year’s Gookers? Who TECHNICALLY edged out the other?”

Believe it or not, it was within just a handful of votes between Punk in AEW and Jim Mitchell’s drug show on PPV. Punk had a very slight edge, but it was so close that we just felt it was only appropriate to award it to them both since we likely had folks attempting to spam the voting despite our best efforts.

Adam C asks…”With the Young Bucks’ new look, are you anticipating them performing “Summer Breeze” on an upcoming Dynamite?”

Man I hope so. It’s so funny, when the Bucks originally turned heel in AEW years ago my first reaction was no, absolutely not. Now they are hands down my favorite tag team. I never ever want them as good guys again. Loves me some heel Bucks and I think this role where they are continually trumpeting their EVP status is going to be gold. Their ridiculous mustaches are top tier and Nick’s absurd suit with the hat may be his greatest look ever. Seriously, look at him here and tell me you don’t want to punch him right upside the head.

As a side note, can we all give some love to Renee Paquette for being absolutely the best backstage interviewer since Gene Okerlund? She knows exactly when to roll her eyes, when to fade to the back, etc.. Plus apparently she’s decided to forgo pants altogether. She’s a treasure.

Joseph ponders…”Who would you like to see have an unexpected Schiavone-like third act of their career?”

I guess Justin Roberts is really more second act, right? Because he’s quite good. Is it too late for Slick to make an appearance? I gotta believe that even at 66 years old, he’d be stellar in any role he’d be willing to do.

Sean B has a request…”When will you induct Triple H on the Drew Carey show?”

There are few things in life I detest more then late 90s – early 2000s Hunter. In many ways, that dark cloud has carried over even to today. Go harass Art for that one please.

Neil P asks the age old question…”When Hulk pulled Sid out of the Rumble, did you think there was any chance at all of Hogan turning heel?”

I think there was zero chance of that. Keep in mind this was just a few years from when Hulkamania really was at its zenith. So many guys in the business made small fortunes just being on shows with the guy during that period, so I think not only would it have been hard for Hogan to flip that switch, others likely were not wanting it to happen either. Eventually WCW would convince him of course and that would lead to more small fortunes for others. Say what you will about Hogan these days (although apparently he just helped save someone from a car wreck or something), but a LOT of guys owe a lot to him. Bobby Heenan used to tell me the same when we’d talk back in the day.

Hayden F wraps us up with…”Who is the worst of the giants? Giant Gonzales, Khali, or Omos?”

Woof. That’s a whole lotta horrible right there. But for my money, it will always be Gonzalez. Those matches with the Undertaker were BRUUUUUTAL. There’s a reason their WrestleMania IX match was prominently featured on the cover of my first book you know.

That’s a wrap! Keep up with me over on old man social media and keep sending in those questions rightchere!

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