The Gobbledy Gooker Dances With His New Wrestler Friends

By now I’m sure most all of you have seen The Gobbledy Gooker’s infamous debut at Survivor Series 1990 where he hatched from an egg, and square danced with Mean Gene Okerlund to “Turkey In The Straw”.

But did you know he appeared in vignettes shortly afterward on WWF Superstars and WWF Challenge? I guess they wanted to get some more use out of the costume before it went into mothballs.

So here he is hanging out with such legends as Tugboat, Koko B. Ware, Saba Simba (I just love the serene, happy expression on Saba’s face as he marches in place like one of the Palace Guards from The Wizard Of Oz as the Gooker gobbles on in confusion), and The Bushwhackers.

Sadly, he disappeared (mostly) for good shortly after this. Oh no… Maybe Saba Simba hunted and ate him?! He did look sort of hungry!

I’d love to hear the story of how The Gooker and Tugboat met and became good friends. I have a feeling there’s a great story there that we’re just not hearing…

Can you imagine all of these characters together at some WWF office party? How fantastic would that be?

P.S- Yes, it’s The Gobbledy Gooker and The Shockmaster dancing together. My dreams have come true!

Happy Thanksgiving, Crappers!

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