The Rock’s “Gift” To Cody Rhodes Revealed

The Rock Cody Rhodes gift

Philadelphia, PA – On Monday night, The Rock handed Cody Rhodes a mystery item during their latest in-ring confrontation. Eagle-eyed viewers and amateur sleuths were able to determine that the Hollywood star gave the new champion a hand-written note asking a very important question.

Following his historic win at Wrestlemania, Rhodes was once again confronted by “The Final Boss” on Raw. After jawing back and forth for several minutes, the Rock gave Rhodes something, noting “You don’t even need to open your hand to know what this is.”

Speculation on what was in Rhodes’s hand set off a flurry of activity across the internet, with fans analyzing the moment from every angle. Forgoing their jobs and familial duties, people were able to freeze and zoom in on the moment, determining that Rock gave Rhodes a folded piece of paper, reading:

“Do you like me? Circle one: Yes, No, Maybe” with a check box next to each option.

Over the past few years, The Rock has had some PR stumbles that have hurt his brand. Sometimes referred to as “The Beyonce for boys”, his efforts to appeal to everyone at all times has caused many to sour on him. Many believe his note to Rhodes is a genuine question, desperately seeking his approval.

There has been no word yet on which box Rhodes has checked or if he is planning on going to Summerslam with anyone.

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