NWA Wildside Commercial

NWA Wildside was a small independent federation affiliated with the NWA based out of Georgia. You can find a number of matches on Youtube, but I’m more interested in this commercial for their website. With enough cuts to make Kevin Dunn blush, the ad promotes the old nwa-wildside.com website. And hey! There’s AJ Styles.

What really gets me going, though, it the music. The unrelenting blast of nu metal makes me feel like I’m 16 years old again, spiking my hair up, wearing baggy pants, and going to local weekend shows. That brand of mall metal in the late 90’s/early 00’s fit in so well with theĀ extreme style of wrestling, it was like chocolate and peanut butter.

It’s a shame we never got Slipknot performing at Wrestlemania. Or competing in the Royal Rumble.

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