Midnight Express vs. Midnight Express – How Did This Can’t Miss Feud Die So Quickly?

My buddy Eric reminded me of this one this week and I realized I have NEVER mentioned it on the site (don’t worry, SQUASH of the Week returns next week), so I am correcting that immediately – it ranks right up there with my favorite kick offs to a feud ever!  I remember vividly watching this happen live on TBS and being completely in awe of everything.  Cornette arguing with…someone…on the phone.  Tony being totally confused.  Paul E. and the ORIGINAL Midnight Express showing up and laying waste to everyone.  Jim Ross bellowing out that Cornette was busted open ear to ear.  This is PERFECT and to this day I can recite the entire thing.

And then…well…not much came of it.  WCW being WCW, they were of course in the middle of a change in bookers and the feud became a dud as Cornette and Dangerously were pulled from events.  The big blow off was to be a loser leaves town match, but Dennis Condrey took off before it ever happened.  Such a bummer as this one should have been huge business for months.  I really can’t think of a better start to a feud that died such a painful death…can you?  If so post it in the comments section below!

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