Eric Embry Hates America

YouTube user timmy8271b posted this clip and wrote the following, and I couldn’t explain this any better!

I gotta say, this might be one of my favorite angles ever in USWA. The Spirit of America debuts to clean up the USWA of Trash. First we see a video promo of him outside with his trusty trash can. Eric Embry shows up and wonders what is going on.

He then proceeds to laugh at the Spirit of America and goes back in his car. A short time later, Embry is shown on Camera again and throws trash on the ground and laughs again. Spirit Of America almost starts to cry.

Words can’t do justice on how awesome this was. After that is Spirit Of America vs Tony Falk.

Wow, I mean really? A wrestling trash collector? Who would ever do that?

Never mind….

Vince should have totally booked The Spirit Of America vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese in a “Who hates littler more?” match with Woodsy The Owl as the Special Guest Referee.

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