What Didn’t You Understand About Jesse James – The Real Double J?

Jesse James

Yeah, I didn’t get it either.

During his first run in the WWF, I had a great working relationship with Jeff Jarrett. As time went on that relationship would become a bit more personal as I started spending some time with him outside of wrestling.

From there I formed a relationship with his late wife, Jill. My family started spending time with his family. I was instrumental in getting the “Chosen One” hired in WCW. After that he opened up his own business, I went to work for him and we were even closer. We were brothers. Years later—enemies. Today, slowly getting reacquainted.

The story reads like a novel, and maybe one day we’ll get into the specifics, but no, not today. Today we are going to talk about How “Roadie” Brian James became the “REAL” Double J.

Does this story sound familiar? Does it reek of Fake Razor and Fake” Diesel? Are you starting to see the UTMOST PETTINESS that exists in upper management of the WWE?

The story begins when Jeff Jarrett and Brian James left the WWF in the middle of the night after an “In Your House” Pay-Per-View in 1995.

Since I considered Jeff a friend, I was somewhat taken back that he never revealed his devious plan to me. Of course, years later, I totally understood why he chose not to. In wrestling, when you make that type of a career decision, you let NO ONE KNOW. Loose lips RUN WILD in wrestling, the boys THRIVE on DRAMA.

So, at the end of the day, Jeff just wanted to make sure that Vince McMahon didn’t learn of his plan prior to being played out and I absolutely respect that.

I never really knew why Jeff left. Frankly, it was none of my business. The word was that the story called for Jeff’s character to be called out as a fraud when we would learn that it was the Roadie who sang “With My Baby Tonight” and not Double J, and Jeff didn’t want to do that.

Honestly, I find that VERY HARD to believe. Jeff was always a professional in my book and I figured his departure was over what it’s always over with wrestlers—MONEY.

So Jeff left and went on to greener pastures, but five months later Brian James returned to the company. At the time of him following Double J out the door, perhaps Brian thought that the same opportunities that awaited Jeff would await him as well, but—he was wrong—they weren’t there. Keep in mind we’re talking pre-“Road Dogg” days. Brian had not yet hit his stride in the business. So with nowhere else to go, Brian returned to the WWF.

Not being involved in creative at the time, I actually saw this play out on WWF television. Brian “Jessie” James was now the “REAL” Double J. He was the one who in fact voiced the hit single and NOT Jeff Jarrett.

Weak. Weak, weak, weak and WEAK. Typical WWE way of “getting back” at a talent, even though I’m sure Ol’ Double J himself was laughing about it.

I hated this and I knew Brian hated it as well. Brian was still good friends with Jeff and the two went way back, but business was business and if Brian were to DARE turn down the “opportunity” his career in the WWF would have been over before it even started. So, Brian went along with it and did what he was told.

The HORRIBLE ANGLE would have no effect on their relationship some 30 years later. But, in an ironic twist, Triple H fired Jeff Jarrett as Head of WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events and hired guess who? Why, his good friend BRIAN JAMES of course.

But, no worries, Jeff would then become the Senior Vice President of Live Events for AEW only months later.


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