Double J Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett Double J

Hold the hate mail, please.

By including Double J at, I am not in any way discounting Jeff Jarrett’s contributions to the wrestling business. From his start in the USWA to his current run as one of WCW’s top heels, Jeff Jarrett has what it takes inside the squared circle.

He should be applauded, in fact, for being able to escape the shadow of the nonsensical Double J character.

As was the norm for the 1990’s WWF, Jarrett was introduced to Federation viewers with a series of vignettes. He would stroll around Nashville, Las Vegas, and other locales talking about how the country music business was corrupt and he couldn’t get a break. He would talk about he was the world’s greatest singer, the world’s greatest entertainer, and the world’s greatest wrestler.

And then he’d drawl out his tag line:

That’s Double J, J-E-Double F, J-A-Double R-E-Double T. That’s Double J, Jeff Jarrett. Ha ha ha.

And then a sparkle would appear on his tooth (see above).

Of course, none of this made the least bit of sense. Why would an aspiring musician use the WWF to get a break in Nashville? It seemed to be just an excuse for Jarrett to carry a guitar around and bash people in the heads with it.

Jarrett was able to rise past the gimmick and win multiple Intercontinental titles, along with good runs in both the WWF and WCW.

It’s too bad he originally got labeled with such a silly gimmick.

That’s S-I-Double L Y, G-I-Double M-I-C-K.

Ha ha ha.

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