Umaga Pillow Fighter

From Fellow Crapper (and Official WrestleCrap Forum Member) Krazy E-Man: “WWE sent me an e-mail encouraging me to spend my Economic Stimulus Check on such great items like this-an Umaga Pillow Fighter. They also come in John Cena and Rey Mysterio versions. Wouldn’t you want R.D. Jr to sleep next to Umaga at night?”

RD: “I like this line of text from “The “Samoan Bulldozer” is not just a clever moniker for Umaga – it’s what he is.” So apparently, if you’re in need of large amounts of earth to be excavated from your work site, you should give Eddie Fatu a call. It’s what he is, apparently.

BTW, if you think the stuff on this page has been absurd over the last few years, well…how would you like to own some stuff from here, as well as more crap that’s even more useless and absurd, on the cheap?

In other words…how would you like to help RD Reynolds clean out his closet?

Then tune in rightchere next week, for the first installment of the WRESTLECRAP GARAGE SALE!!!”

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