Survivor Series 1993 Poster

In his excellent Survivor Series Substitutes induction, Art wrote about the times when a wrestler or wrestlers would have to be substituted for others in the history of the Survivor Series.

In the Comments section for that induction, Crapper Saint Stryfe posted a comment about the 1993 Survivor Series poster that was too funny for me not to feature on the site:

Saint Stryfe wrote:

I’m saddened there was no reference to the redone art for the Survivor Series poster with the All-Americans versus the Foreign Fanatics.

WWF Survivor Series 1993 poster

After Tatanka (Buffalo) Went down, they redrew it with the Undertaker…. doing Tatanka’s war dance. Holding a fork and a knife. Found it on the cover of the Coliseum Home video release:

WWF Survivor Series 1993 Coliseum Home Video cover

I love that they drew The Undertaker in the exact same War Dance pose that Tatanka was in!

So I guess this means The Undertaker is part Native American?

Actually he sort of looks like he’s doing The Funky Chicken.

Undertaker! Buffalo! Chicken!

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