Texas Tornado Folder

For many of you Crappers you’re either back in school or about to go back soon, so be sure you’re the most awesome Crapper in school with ths awesome Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich folder!

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t matter if you’re in Jr. High, High School, or College- the folder makes anyone look rad!

So, anyway…

Gay Popeye

“That feller calls himself “he Texas Tornado”, eh? That muscley hunk of beef brisket could blow me down any night! UG-GUG-GUG-GUG!”

Get outta here, Popeye!!! 

Now let’s open the folder up and see what’s inside…

WWF Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich school folder 2

The inside of the folder has The Texas Tornado logo which is… um…. Texas in the shape of a tornado, and some facts about Kerry including this inspirational statement:


“To win my matches as they come”.

You see, Kerry’s ambitions are really down-to-earth and simple.

He doesn’t reach for the sky, he just kind of reaches within arm’s length.

He doesn’t want to win The World Heavyweight Championship. He doesn’t want to main event Wrestlemania.

He just wants to not job all the time! And I think that’s a pretty reasonable goal!

What they really should have put on the folder pockets are some handy measurement and weight conversion charts like the geniuses at Mead did with their Trapper Keeper folders! 

Did any of you Crappers have any WWF/WWE/WCW/NWA school supplies when you went to school? Leave a comment and brag away!

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