Buff Bagwell Escorting

I saw this on Lords Of Pain and just had to preserve it here:

Earlier we posted a clip of Marcus “Buff” Bagwell appearing on Showtime’s Gigolos show. Bagwell is now working as an escort for the Cowboys4Angels.com website, which partners with the Showtime show. Bagwell’s rates are $800 for two hours, $1,550 for four hours, $3,000 for overnight, $4,500 per day, $8,000 for a weekend trip and $25,000 for a whole week of his time.

So yes, Crappers- if you’re financially secure then you can now buy some quality time with Marcus Alexander Bagwell!

What you do with that time is up to you! Maybe you just want to dress up like Scotty Riggs and dance around with him to the American Males theme song?

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