Sting Bobble Head

Sting WCW Bobblehead

Sting WCW Bobble Head

Sting‘s longevity and appearances in WCW, TNA, WWE, and AEW has given all sorts of memorabilia. While they range from the relatively normal to the truly bizarre, this bobble head falls somewhere towards the former.

It’s Crow Sting, complete with his black baseball bat. If you can get over the ostrich neck and the face paint not going all the way up his face, it’s not too bad. The thing he’s standing on is a little odd. Is it supposed to be a wrestling ring? A part of the rafters he used to hang out in during Nitro? Who knows. At least he signed it. It’s a collector’s item now!

There is one little detail about this bobblehead I’d like to point out, though.

Sting WCW Bobble Head closeup

Just look at those soft, pouty lips. Who knew Sting was so smoochable?

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