Sting Rocket Hat

Boy, oh boy do I have something strange for you Crappers today!

Bryan from The WCW Worldwide Blog found this weird hat (?) showing Sting riding on a blimp or rocket or something. 

I guess Sting is a Rocket Man… burning up his fuse out here alone.

Or, he just likes to hump blimps in his spare time? That would explain the wide-eyed look on his face!

Well, whatever floats your boat, Stinger!

Wait! I think I’ve figured this out…

Maybe Sting is going to ride the missile straight into the NWO’s top secret headquarters to blow them up real good and rid WCW of that evil menace forever!

Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb…

Nobody seems to know where this came from, or if it was homemade or what the deal is with this oddity.

The eBay seller describes it as a hat and is asking $250 for the thing if you simply must have it.

In the 14 years I’ve spent reading Someone Bought This submissions posted here on WrestleCrap, this is just plain one of the weirdest pieces of wrestling memorabilia I’ve ever seen!

 WCW Sting Rocket Blimp 2 WCW Sting Rocket Blimp 3 WCW Sting Rocket Blimp 4

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