Hulk Hogan American Made CD Single

Look what I found on Amazon! A Hulk Hogan American Made CD single. I think it was something sent to radio stations in the desperate hope that it would get some kind of radio airplay.

I love how happy Hulk looks holding that guitar.! I bet that URL’s not taken!

The song is from his album “Hulk Rules” which you can get really cheap on Amazon! 

This American Made CD single however, is not cheap! In fact, if I may quote Mr. Dink from Nickelodeon’s Doug, it’s “very expensive!”.

Doug Mr. Dink Nickelodeon cartoon

(Wow! Doug looks like he’s about to punch the crap out of Mr. Dink!).

Anyway, see for yourself:

Hulk Hogan American Made CD single Amazon listing

Yes, you read that right! As of this writing, some seller on Amazon Marketplace wants $89.26 (plus shipping and handling)!

For that price, there had better be a good non-album B-Side included on this thing! I bet there isn’t. I bet it’s just that one song.

Just buy the entire album on CD for under $12 total instead, Crappers!

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