Goldberg Naked Christmas Ornament

Crapper Andrew Sarkis writes:

While looking through the WCW worldwide tumblr, I stumbled upon this obscure piece of Goldberg merchandise.

I know R.D featured this on the old site years ago, but this stupid naked Santa Bill Goldberg Christmas ornament is one of my all-time favorite pieces of weird wrestling merchandise and one of the best “worst” things ever featured in the 16+ year history of this website!

As you can tell, someone at the WCW Ornament Factory (I’d like to think such a magical place exists) forgot to paint the area where Bill’s trunks are supposed to be…. making it look like he’s naked.


And they apparently did it on all of them not just one or two of the things!

So yes, now Goldberg is not only dressed as Santa, he’s Goldberg dressed as Santa who happens to be naked with a huge (ahem) sack.

They get bonus points for giving him an expression of sheer exhaustion that says “Look kid, I’m pulling 16 hour days here, just take your gift and leave me alone so I can go find my pants”.

Also, for some reason Santa Goldberg has a blue version of the Mr. Floppy bunny rabbit from Unhappily Ever After in his sack.


Maybe it’s a gift for Evad Sullivan? I bet that URL is… probably taken by someone with a very specific fetish. Don’t check to see if it’s valid, kids!!!

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