Dennis Rodman Action Figure

 When he wasn’t playing basketball, Dennis Rodman wrestled for WCW.

This was back when apparently he mattered in basketball, and WCW loved any celebrity cameo they could manage to get.

WCW thought it would be a good idea to release figures of Dennis to appeal to all the WCW fans and all the Dennis Rodman/Basketball fans!

I bet they sold a grand total of about 1000 of them, if that. I don’t think even fans of Dennis Rodman wanted these things.

It came with a basketball backboard for Dennis to use as a weapon.

Because he was a basketball player, you see.

You can still get them online today mint in package with orange hair or green hair variants because.. that wacky Dennis loved to dye his hair silly colors (ooo, what a bad boy!).

Does come with pimp hat as illustrated!

Crapper George From Duddleyville NY commented below that there’s even an NWO Dennis Rodman figure with blindingly green hair (and white skin?) that they paired with Hollywood Hogan!

WCW NWO Dennis Rodman and Hollywood Hogan figures

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