CM Punk Wrist Wraps

CM Punk All Out AEW

CM Punk X wraps

It’s been quite the busy couple of years for CM Punk. After walking away from WWE and trying his hand at MMA, Punk made a huge comeback to AEW. Once that, uh, didn’t work out, he returned to WWE to great fanfare and huge merch sales. But who needs a new t-shirt when you can throw on these Tough Talkers(tm) CM Punk(tm) Wrist Wraps?

CM Punk talking wrist wraps

Sure you can just cut up some old socks and draw the classic straight edge X on them, but do those socks talk? Unless you’re Shari Lewis, probably not. While we do get some standard Punk lines, I would give anything to get them to say his entire All Out media scrum event.

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