Attitude Cologne For Men

Crapper Sean (who is a far-out hep cat for sure!) writes…

I do not know if this has been featured yet but I randomly came across this commercial for the WWF Attitude cologne…dear god that was a thing?

Beatniks doing poetry? Not the first thing I would think of when wanting to promote your cologne…especially in the Attitude Era. Hell, I’d expect them to have a half naked broad rubbing the stuff all over herself instead…

Or maybe this was a rejected promo for a scrapped wrestler. Nick Beat, the Wrestling Beatnik, with his finisher being….uhm…I got nothing sorry! Enjoy the Ad!

“Stupid lousy Beatnicks!” -Ned Flanders.

Like, wow, man! Dig that crazy scene! I’m hip to this ad for sure! That band is smoking’ like a chimney, baby!

I bet Maynard G. Krebs bought a case of that cologne the instant he saw this.

Maynard G. Krebs

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