Someone Bought This: X-Treme Action Fighters bootleg wrestling figures

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X-treme Action Fighters 1

Crapper Billy Jones writes:

Long time crapper, first time writer. Found this “Xtreme Action Fighters” wrestling set at a garage sale the other day. Got the whole thing for a buck. As soon as I saw it I knew it was Wrestlecrap bound. Complete with rip off Mystico and Ultimo Dragon. I’m a sucker for knock off wrestling figures, so I had to have it. Enjoy!

These are kind of like in a weird TNA 6-sided ring.

Strange… I love oddball bootleg stuff like this.

I’d have had a lot of fun adding these guys to my roster of figures when I was a kid.

Thanks for the submission, Billy!

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6 Responses to "Someone Bought This: X-Treme Action Fighters bootleg wrestling figures"
  1. CBCB says:

    I like how the ladder is barely taller than the ring posts.

  2. John says:

    All it needs is a Vince Russo figure to come out and make the Luchadors have a Pinata on a Pole match.

  3. TR says:

    on a recent trip back to the states, my son got a coupla knock-off wrestling guys as a present from his aunt… Mistico and Rey lookalikes similar to the ones above; one came w. with a chainsaw and the other a guardrail. we having a blast with em

  4. TMS says:

    Years ago my son found some knock off wrestling figures in Big Lots, one of them looked kinda like Stone Cold, and another one looked kinda like Road Warrior Animal. The other two were more generic and didn’t really look like anybody. Each came with some sort of weapon, a chair, a breakaway table, a ladder and a trash can. They lasted about a month before they fell apart.

  5. John Q Occupier says:

    Isn’t the guy in the white tights a bad Sin Cara lookalike? 😉

  6. Idi 'Big Daddy'Amin says:

    Get a load of the forearms on these things. I remain convinced that the people who design and manufacture this tat are blind, and have thus never seen what a human body looks like.

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