Vince Russo Rope Opera Book


Vince Russo wrote a book?


Actually, bro it wasn’t Vince Russo’s fault that his book was a whiney, self-serving, shift-the-blame-to-everyone-else blame-fest.

You see; the publisher stopped him from writing the book he really wanted to write! His hands were tied, bro! It totally wasn’t his fault!

Frankie;  being our fine feathered friend; what do you have to say about this book?.

Frankie The Parrot Koko B. Ware

“SQUAWK! I’d rather hold it in than crap on something that terrible! My bird cage deserves to be lined with something better!”.

Ah, truly he is a bird of fine and discerning taste.

Even the book’s title is a blatant lie- WCW is dead (thanks in part, though certainly not entirely to Vince Russo) whereas Vince Russo is in fact still very much alive and well… even if his website is not.

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