Jeff Jarrett Signed Guitar

Crapper Jim Venzke writes:

I saw this and Wrestlecrap came to mind immediately…  an autographed Jeff Jarrett guitar!!!

MSRP: $349.99, but it can now be yours for $59.99  (83% off!!!).  Throw in an extra $20 and JJ will go over to the TNA warehouse and personalize it for you…

I can’t believe that Jeff is still desperately clinging to the “guitar breaking” gimmick which goes all the way back to his stupid Country Music Star gimmick from his first WWF run in 1995.

That’s kind of sad.

I’m reminded of a quote…

“Jeff Jarrett broke a thousand guitars, and never drew a dime” -Mike Graham.

Anyway, the guitar is actually priced pretty reasonable now that it’s on sale. It’s not a bad deal if you’re a big Jeff Jarrett fan I guess.

But that original MSRP price is just nuts! And $20 more just to have it personalized? Give me a break!

If Jeff really needs the money that badly, can’t he just hit up Dixie’s daddy for a loan?

Anyway, thanks for the submission, Jim!

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