Wyatt Family Sheep Mask

The irony of the WWE selling this mask to hordes of fans based on a gimmick of like-minded cultists who are all about group-think (while still claiming to be individuals, of course) spouting mindless nonsense is simply stunning.

“We here in the WWE Marketing Department think you fans are a bunch of mindless sheep, and we’ll prove it by mass-marketing this sheep mask based our “Family Cult” gimmick that you’re all eating up with a spoon. You will buy it, and you will think it makes you look cool. Dance, puppets! Dance!”.

It’s actually kind of genius.

I wonder if any of the fans who are sure to buy this mask understand just how funny this really is once you spend any time thinking about it?

Remember these things when you see hundreds of fans looking like complete idiots wearing these things in the crowd on RAW over the next couple of months.


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