Someone Bought This: Pouting Nailz promotional photo

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WWF Nailz 8x10 promotional photo

You may be wondering why Nailz is pouting with his arms crossed in defiance in this photo.

I think I have an explanation…

“NAILZ! You get in here right now! We have to take your promotional photo!”

“Aww, but I’m on the last level of Super Mario Bros.!”

“I don’t care, mister! You come in here and take a good photo so you have something nice to sign for the fans!”

“But none of the fans want my signed photo! None of them want my photo unsigned, either!”.

“Just get in here!”


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4 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Pouting Nailz promotional photo"
  1. AdamX says:

    I ordered the one WCW ppv he was ever on, had no idea he was gonna be there but they hyped him up pretty well for his one time appearance.

  2. John C says:

    I believe the photo was taken as they were telling him different name options for his character. “Ok, you’re Chilly McFreeze. Or what about Kiniski the Kondemmed, Konvict Kevin the Krusher, Fredo the Fink, um ok this one is gold Death Row Dick the Destroyer and your finisher is Unlawful Penetration.”

  3. Christopher Olsen says:

    It still shocks me this is the same Kevin Kelly that was in the AWA.

  4. MistaMaddog says:

    Be funnier if it was a mug shot…

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