Nicole Bass Private Wrestling Sessions

Bodybuilder Nicole Bass had a short stint in the WWF in the late 90’s that wasn’t very memorable except for the fact that it introduced many of us to her… unique look, voice and physique.

I’ve got to hand it to her, she certainly stood out amongst all the other female wrestlers! She couldn’t cut a promo or wrestle to save her life, but she looked different…

Anyway, up until a few years ago she used to have a website at which looked like it was put together by a 12 year old on Geocities circa 1996.

On that site she offered the opportunity to have private wrestling sessions with her.

Here, I’ll just copy and paste what she wrote on her website (I’ve edited out her contact information for obvious reasons):

Meeting me

I am available for grand openings, guest appearances and seminars. If you have any event that you want to make special I am available to make that event memorable. Please contact me for rates.

I am available for personal training. I have been involved with the sport for a very long time so if anyone needs a great routine or a diet put together and you want to be in great shape than I am the person to get you in the best shape ever!!!!!!

I also do private wrestling sessions My rates are $400 us dollars for the hour and $250 us dollars for the half hour. I do lift and carry sessions. The types of wrestling that I do are semi-competitive, and light wrestling. My idea of semi-competitive seems to be most peoples idea of competitive. I am not looking to hurt anyone during a competitive match, nor am I looking to get hurt. I find that during competitive matches people are so concerned about winning that they try to beat me no matter what the cost.

If you want to win, I will let you win, but you got to want it bad!! Semi-competitive matches are still very difficult matches but it’s about having fun not winning and losing.

Light wrestling is for people who have never wrestled or for people who like to be put in different holds. Also the light wrestling is for people who prefer domination matches. I also do muscle worship sessions, this means you are allowed to touch any part of the body that is not covered.

There is no sex or nudity, on either persons part, treat me like a lady we should get along fine.

If you want to set up a session with me you can e-mail me at (REDACTED) or call me directly at (REDACTED).

I like how she outright says there won’t be any sex involved. I’m sure that turned a lot of guys into downy clownies for awhile when they read that.

There are exactly three types of people who would take her up on this offer:

1. Men (and some women too, I guess) who get off on wrestling and being “lifted and carried” by a bodybuilder.

2. People who have a strong desire to end up in a whole lot of pain for a long, long time.

3. People with too much money who want to spend on it stupid things.

Note that these groups of people are not mutually exclusive, and there is probably quite a bit of overlap between them.

I wonder if anyone actually paid her to have a private wrestling session?

On second thought, I don’t want to know… and I don’t want to think about this for one second longer.

Unfortunately; since her website is now gone I’m going to assume the offer is no longer valid.

Aw, darn! I thought I had the perfect gift lined up for Blade’s birthday this year!

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