Why the Pitch Black Match Wasn’t a Gooker Nominee, Rock and Miley Cyrus, and WrestleMania Main Events That Never Happened!

Gooker voting season is here, and I have to say I am a bit surprised at the results so far. If you’ve not already voted I’d suggest casting your vote now, as it comes to an end on Friday. And SPEAKING OF GOOKER NOMINEES…

Andy G kicks things off with…”I was surprised when looking over the list of Gooker nominees not to find the Pitch Black match among them. Is it fair to say that out of respect for Bray Wyatt, the match was removed from consideration? Or is there a reason it didn’t quite measure up to the other nominees?”

That is correct. We determined that it wouldn’t be right to have Bray’s final match leave a potential dark mark over his entire career. Imagine someone googling Bray Wyatt and one of the first things to pop up being his face with a two-bit googly-eyed turkey mascot showing up. That wouldn’t be right so we determined to let him slide as there were many other worthy candidates. I probably should have mentioned that on the voting page itself, but yeah, that’s the reasoning it’s not there.

Chad A wants to know…”Ever planning on inducting The Rock guest starring on Hannah Montana? Since he’s the hot topic in wrestling again”

I thought you had to be wrong that we’d never inducted that…but nope, that’s my mistake! I love doing old sitcoms and game shows with pro wrestlers, so yeah, you should expect that to happen sometime later this year. If anyone has any others that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below. Still shaking my head we’ve never done that one, it’s rather infamous.

Ryan G asks…”What classic feud do you think should have main evented a WM?”

It still boggles my mind that we never got a Paul Orndorff-Hulk Hogan match at WrestleMania. I know that was more of a timing issue than anything else, but that feud was nuclear hot. He was the rumored backup for Andre at III if the Giant was unable to go (as if)…you know, that would have been a fascinating What If, right? The other biggie was Flair-Hogan, and I still am ticked we didn’t get that one at VIII. Mostly because it was in Indianapolis and I was there. That was such a dream match and it’s weird to think that the company that capitalized on it was WCW, not the WWF. I’ve heard all the reasons why that match didn’t happen, but it was a misfire by Vince no matter how you slice it.

Short mailbag this week as I am under the weather and heading back to bed. Keep those questions coming in and we’ll open the mailbag again next Saturday!

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