Time to Vote for the Worst of the Worst – Gooker Award 2023 Is Here!

Congratulations my friends, we’ve all made it through another horrible year in pro wrestling. Oh who am I kidding? 2023 was pretty good right? I mean, it was better than most years, correct? Eh maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but it’s time once again to vote for the very worst of the very worst – it’s time to determine the winner of the 2023 Gooker Award!

It’s not like there’s a lack of choices – there are plenty. The question for you, dear reader, is what was the single worst thing in pro wrestling over the last twelve months. We’ve got WWE messes, AEW misfires, and heck, even a guy in NWA doing cocaine on live PPV and supposedly allegedly costing the company a TV deal in the process. Sounds like a bumper crop to me, so enough of my yakkin’ – get to voting! (Voting ends January 12…what a wonderful birthday present for me!)

Visit the Gooker Award page to revisit the past winners!

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