Lanny Poffo, Best Twitter follows, AEW Inductions, Jade Cargill, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Was so sad this week when I learned of the passing of Lanny Poffo. I know he was best known as The Genius, but to me he was always Leapin’ Lanny, and early on in my fandom he was one of my favorite wrestlers. First guy I ever saw do a moonsault as well as other acrobatic maneuvers. I could never figure out why, precisely, Vince never pushed him as a top babyface. Still to this day I don’t really get it. I was also blessed to meet and talk with him several times over the years…will never forget the first time we met, we working a wrestling convention and just hit it off. We wound up heading out to a Ruby Tuesdays and laughing the whole time as he recited random poetry to our waitress. It was so much fun. He was one of the good guys to be sure, and I am sure his brother Randy was waiting to greet him. Onto the mailbag.

Chad A asks…”Which wrestler is your favorite Twitter follow? Lance Storm, Gary Michael Cappetta and Hurricane Helms are some of my favorites and of course how can you not love the Iron Sheik on Twitter.”

Funny you mention it, Iron Sheik actually reached out to me on a Twitter DM the other day. That was…uh…surreal to say the least. As for my favorite, it’s gotta be Lex Luger. Dude is always posting positive messages, answering questions, and just bringing light into what is at times a dark world. Ditto Rebel. Obviously I’ve been a huge fan of hers ever since Blade and I met her and she was so incredibly kind to us. The more happy, fun, positive people I can find the better.

Bill F snarks out…”Good job on FINALLY getting another AEW induction up. That’s what, four? Obvious you are still on Tony’s payroll since there are a hundred more WWE inductions than AEW inductions.”

Yep, happy, fun, positive people are what I like. SPOILER: you aren’t one of them. Also, not sure if you knew this or not, but AEW has been around for like three years, whereas WWE has been around since the dawn of time, so they have a tiny bit of catching up to do. When a company puts on something crappy, we’ll induct it. We’ve always been that way and always will be.

Mike M wants to know…”Have you ever seen—or even heard of—the bizarre one-off “Bodyguards vs Bandits” wrestling show, considered to be the most-obscure wrestling PPV ever held?”

That…is something. I’ve never seen it, but sure stinks of induction material to me. Guess Art and I will flip a coin and see who gets stuck with it.

Eric H asks…”Did you hear that WWE is going to have a Cinnamon Toast Crunch match at WrestleMania? What on earth could that be? Does the loser get thrown into a bowl of milk?”

Dunno, but if they aren’t consulting these guys, my guess is it’s going to wind up as a challenger for that goofy Pitch Black fiasco Mountain Dew sponsored.

Sal B wants to know…”Is this thing with Jade Cargill ever going anywhere? She’s been on for years running up the win streak. What’s the end game here?”

I’ll answer your question with a question: why are so many women in AEW named after colors? You have Jade Cargill, Skye Blue, Red Velvet, Leyla Gray…maybe they’re going to form a stable called the Rainbow Connection? And on that terrible note, I bid you adieu.

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