David Flair’s TitanTron- Now With 100% More Virgil!

Crapper Avi Krebs writes:

There are actually a bunch of these featuring “insert Wrestler’s name here” dubbed with David Flair’s theme music. I argue Virgil’s is the most interesting since it consists mostly of The Wrestling Superstar’s um..highlights from his WWF/E run, including his ill-fated return as Ted DiBiase Jr.’s Bodyguard. Although I believe the first 3 seconds are the best 3 seconds of any theme, wrestling or otherwise. If you ask Virgil himself, I’m sure he’d agree.

Perhaps it’s just me but in my opinion, much like Guile’s theme; David Flair’s goes with anything!

Also FrustratedTedDiBiaseJrFace.com. I bet that URL isn’t taken… but it should be!

Everything in life is better if you just add Virgil!

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