Jack Tunney, Orange Cassidy and Juice Robinson, Bastion Booger, Themes, and the Best Horrible Matches

Haven’t followed a ton of wrestling this week, as I’ve been very focused on my family, specifically my son who just obtained the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts. This is a HUGE achievement, one he spent nearly five years of his life working towards. As you might imagine, I am so proud of him I could pop. I know a lot of you were probably around for those old WrestleCrap Radios where I mentioned Mrs. Deal being pregnant with him, so yeah, we’re kinda all in this together. And we continue on with the mailbag…

Brian B kicks things off with a bang via…”When will Jack Tunney get his rightfully overdue Hall of Fame induction?”

Tunney was fully aware that the decisions of his office were not always popular. HOWEVER, Tunney’s lifetime ban is a grievous and far reaching oversight by the company. Furthermore, in light of the fact he died nearly 20 years ago prevents the acceptance speech we all unequivocabally deserve.

(Also, he had a falling out with the company when he left. Ask Dave, not me, for details.)

Joel M asks…”When will TK ever put Orange Cassidy in a tag team with Juice Robinson? Seems like it would be a license to print money with a team name like Cassidy Robinson.”

No no no – the secret code on the ATM wouldn’t be that, silly. It would be Rock Hard Squeeze. Jeez, the things I have to teach you guys.

Wes L wants to know…”Did the WWE misuse Bastion Booger?”

I think the correct question would be “Why did the WWF ever use Bastion Booger?” The answer would be Vince likes farting (which would also be the title of his biography if I were to ever write it).

Iian W inquires…”What is your favorite bad match?”

I loves me some Hogan vs. Warrior 2, as well as pretty much anything from Heroes of Wrestling. What a glorious, wonderful landmine filled field of garbage that was. Maybe I will re-induct that sometime, it’s been too long since I visited that old friend.

Aaron M cranks up the volume for…”What was the best theme song that was either wasted on a bad gimmick or wasted on a gimmick that fizzled out quickly?”

The answer to this will always and forever be the original Doink the Clown theme, which is one of my all time favorite themes ever. The original gimmick was so fun, Matt Borne was incredible, and that creepy music was classic. The fact that all collapsed so fast always makes me sad as that really should have been a multi-year run.

Patrick M finishes up a quick mailbag with…”What’s the better prank , smoking guns shaving 123 kids eyebrows on same day he’s getting photo done for his figure ? Or his payback of superglue their cowboy hats to their heads ?”

Always felt sad for Kid about the eyebrows thing as that was I think his first wrestling figure, so I will go with his retribution. However, both pale in comparison to the Owen Hart classic where he…you know, I’ll just let Bret tell it.

That’s it for this week. Keep those entries coming by sending them in rightchere!

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