Young Luchasaurus Sitcom Announced By AEW

AEW wrestler Luchasaurus will start in a sitcom about his life called Young Luchasaurus

Pangea – AEW has announced yet another new show to their ever-growing repertoire. Following his “re-introduction” by Christian Cage, Luchasaurus will be getting his own television show

Rather than having another wrestling program or a reality show, AEW will now include a sitcom. Although this is the first comedy from the company, it is not the first time wrestlers have been involved with sitcoms. Tentatively titled Young Luchasaurus, viewers will now see the fascinating life of the wrestling dinosaur-man.

Each episode will focus on a different time in Luchasaurus’s life where he learned important life lessons, often in humorous and improbable fashion. Fans will go back in time as several young actors portray the wrestler growing up through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods.

“Fans will get to see who the real Luchasaurus is,” explained AEW head Tony Khan. “We’ll get things like him standing up to a bully Stegosaurus, the time he accidentally invited two different Velociraptors to prom, and his first foray into professional wrestling. There will be lots of laugh and lots of love every Wednesday night following Dynamite and All Access.”

AEW officials hope this will be the beginning of a trend of wrestler-based shows. Plans have already been put in motion for dramas such as Britt Baker, DMD and Powerhouse Of The Dragon, as well as sitcoms LetterKenny Omega and Curb Your Elite.

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