CM Punk Backstage at Raw, Eugene, great PPV locations and more!

Hope everyone has been having a great week, been another crazy one here with me being out of town unexpectedly which has thrown the entire schedule out of whack. Trying my best to play catch up and failing in spectacular manner. Still, I was pretty thrilled with that crazy WCW INDUCTION from a couple days ago. If you’ve not checked it out yet, seriously…what are you waiting for?

Cheap plug out of the way, let’s dive into the mailbag!

Eric K kicks us off with…”CM Punk shows up backstage at Raw. Seriously, what is wrong with this guy?”

I stared at this question for like 15 minutes straight trying to come up with an answer. Lord Alfred (Pennyworth), if you please:

Yep. That’s it.

James B goes to the indy scene with…”I understand that most the material comes from the nationally televised companies like WWE, Impact, AEW, WCW, etc. How often do you come across, or get sent wrestlecrap from Indy companies?”

I made a rule pretty much since day one that I would give indy companies a pass, as the guys running a show in a flea market parking lot shouldn’t be held to the same standard as Rich Uncle Moneybags McMahon. That said we do still write about indies every now and again. After all, something something Doink the Clown at Golden Corral something.

Tyler W asks…”What do you see happening first? A Death of WCW revisit with Russo’s side of the story or do we get Death of AEW?”

I mean, Russo already wrote his side of the story with Rope Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo so that’s first by default. So your real question should be something more along the lines of “What would happen first, Death of AEW or Death of TNA Impact?” Pretty amazing to me the latter still exists to this day. And for the record, I hope ALL wrestling companies continue to grow and thrive. Just makes more sense to me that folks would like to have MORE choices than fewer, right?

Sean B wants to know…”Who do you want to see covered in next round of A&E or Dark Side of the Ring documentaries?”

I still want an in-depth analysis of what happened to Cheatum. But in the meantime, I know we can all rest easier knowing that Scott Keith is working on an induction featuring him in the starring role, so good times ahead here at least.

Brian B ponders…”Could Eugene work today?”

If by “work today” you mean “get WWE in more hot water than ever before”, absolutely. If by “work today” you mean “work today” in any other sense, no.

Jim H throws this at us…”What’s the best venue for a ppv in your opinion? I love the Cow Palace.”

Nearly every wrestling PPV now looks exactly the same, which totally sucks as I love wrestling shows at oddball locations. I know they weren’t PPVs, but those Nitro shows at Club Lavela were awesome. Who didn’t love Kevin Nash doing a cannonball into a pool? I always wanted AEW to do a PPV on one of the Jericho cruises. Variety is the spice of life, guys – let’s make it happen.

Ian W wraps us up with…”You can pick any wrestler to be a special guest villain on Batman. Which wrestler, and which villain do they play?”

Trish Status as Catwoman. Or maybe Tay Melo as Catwoman. Maybe Tiffany Stratton as Catwoman. Yeah, Tiffany as Catwoman, just so when she puts Batman in the death trap for the cliffhanger, she would wave and say “Toodles” to end the episode.

That’ll end an abbreviated mailbag this week. Keep the questions coming in and we’ll see you in seven!

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