Takeshita Did It For The Rock

Takeshita poses with his good friend, The Rock, after turning on Kenny Omega

Las Vegas, NV – Earlier this week, AEW star Konosuke Takeshita revealed the reason behind attacking Kenny Omega at Double Or Nothing was to help The Rock.

The motive for his decision was revealed during the Blackpool Combat Club’s new Youtube show “Beating The Elite”. In a 2-minute clip, the faction laughed most heartily, celebrated their victory over The Elite. When their giggles subsided, de facto leader Jon Moxley asked why he attacked Kenny Omega and sided with Don Callis.

“I kneed Omega. And you ask why? I didn’t do it for me. I did it for the Rock!” declared Takeshita.

The connection between the AEW star and The Rock is unknown. Some have speculated a distant relation while others believe it was a move to garner a role in Rock’s next Netflix movie.

Despite not being in AEW or even knowing about the match, The Rock was impressed. In a statement written by his publicist, The Rock thanked him for his surprise treachery. As a token of The Rock’s gratitude, Takeshita received an autographed 8×10 headshot and two tickets to the XFL’s season opener next year.

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