AEW Dynasty, What Could Cool WWE’s Boom, Mercedes Mone, LA Knight, Best WrestleCrap Periods, and the Jack Tunney Legal Counsel

Heading to Dynasty tomorrow, thinking that should be a good show for sure. Will Ospreay is my new favorite wrestler and I’m not sure who else would even come close, so I’m stoked to see him vs. Danielson. I try not to let my expectations get the best of me before any show, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet that it should be a bit above “good”. Also with this being Dynasty, I’m hoping for a Joan Collins run-in. On with your questions.

Kevin W kicks us off with…”Every company has boom and bust periods. Obviously WWE is booming right now. What do you think would be the biggest (realistic) mistake they could make that would erase a lot of the progress that they’ve made?”

I think the number one thing that could happen to cool them off is completely out of their control, and that is that the fans turn on Cody. Sounds impossible and I think it’s 99% certain it won’t happen, but he was a nuclear hot babyface in AEW as well and we saw what happened there. The other issue would be them lowballing contract offers to big stars that are coming due. They may look at the lack of excitement Mercedes Mone has generated for their competition and be confident that say Becky Lynch wouldn’t dream of making a jump and decide they can offer her less money. Zero reason for them to not pony up and pay their biggest stars. Let me state again I don’t think either of these issues would happen. But either of those could cool things off for sure.

SPEAKING OF MERCEDES MONE…Eric K wants to know…”Is it too early to label Mercedes AEW run as a total bust? What on earth is happening here?”

I think what is happening is she came in thinking she could just show up as Sasha Banks and be just fine. A fair assumption on her part, but I think that she needs to look at tweaking her character to something that appeals more to her new audience. Perhaps she should talk to the master of reinvention, Chris Jericho, about what she could try here, because her current act is flatter than a can of Coke left open for three days.

Arya ponders…”Do you think Jack Perry returns to help Young Bucks win the tag team titles at Dynasty? If so do you think it’s a mistake since it would feel like they’re building a 6-man tag that will never happen vs FTR and Punk?”

I could totally see that happening, yes, and I think Perry would be a great fit in the new Elite. As far as FTR and Punk, I guess time will tell. They seem to have correctly pivoted completely away from that misfire a couple weeks back. We’ll see what happens this weekend, but there were basically no CM Punk chants on Dynamite this week. If that continues, AEW should consider themselves VERY lucky.

Dustin N tosses up a softball to me with…”Does LA Knight win a top WWE title before 2024 ends?”


The great Jim Valley joins us with…”Generally speaking, would you estimate there is more or less Wrestle Crap now? What do you think is the most craptacular era in pro wrestling history?”

Way way way less, almost to a depressing degree. We used to get completely ridiculous characters and storylines constantly, now it’s more backstage buffoonery that has people crying out for Gooker nominations. The most fertile fields of WrestleCrap were the early 90s, when both WCW and the WWF were misfiring constantly. Shockmaster would bust through walls, TL Hopper was cleaning out toilets, and then you’d get Ric Flair landing in a space ship as The Black Scorpion. Truly a magical time that would bring a tear to Robert Gibson’s glass eye.

The legendary Sean Carless wants to know…”Taking into consideration Gorilla Monsoon’s boasts, could one truly trust Mr. Fuji as far as you could throw him across the street?”

Highly unlikely.

Thomas M has the question of the day with…”My brother is going to Universal Orlando in a couple of weeks, and I’m trying to talk him into visiting Hulk Hogan’s Wrestling Shop. What should he pick up?”

Totally needs to get that plastic fist helmet. I’m kicking myself for not at least asking how much they wanted for it (and not stealing it if they told me it wasn’t for sale).

Jon Z wraps us up with…”Do you think it’s coincidence that Veer got released right after your induction?” cannot and will not be held responsible for any actions performed by or in accordance to World Wrestling Entertainment. Therefore, unequivoably, I can state therefore that WrestleCrap is NOT accountable for Veer’s release. Furthermore, it also clearly states in the rule book that a reigning champion may at any time in his tenure end his reign by publicly surrendering the title which is exactly what happened when Andre the Giant presented the championship belt to Ted DiBiase. Therefore, Andre is also NOT the champion either. It is my decision that to be fair to the last two reigning champions of record, Hogan and Andre, and to furthermore be fair with the number one contenders who would have faced either Andre or Hogan as champion, I now declare the title vacant. It is my sincere wish that all wrestlers and more importantly all the fans of the World Wrestling Federation construe my decision as the only just and fair way who will be the new undisputed World Wrestling Federation champion. Thank you.

I know only like three people got that last bit, but bless you if you did. Talk to you all again soon!

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