Eddie Kingston Launches Hater-For-Hire Business

Eddie Kingston sends you a personal message on your phone

Yonkers, NY – AEW firebrand Eddie Kingston has started his latest venture. For a small fee, people can now have the current NJPW Strong Openweight Champion cut vicious promos on anyone or anything. Dubbed a “Hateo”, the personalized video messages have skyrocketed in popularity.

Despite only launching a beta version, has already booked over 100 Hateo requests. Kingston is excited for his new “Hater-For-Hire” business.

“Got a boss that’s giving you problems? I’ll call him a punk to his ugly face. Teachers asking you where’s your homework? Tell ‘em I ate it and they’re going to have to wait a few hours to get it back. Your stinkin’ rotten kids won’t shut up? I’ll shut ‘em up and drink their Capri Suns right in their faces. Cats, dogs, goldfish? I don’t care. Everyone gets a verbal beatdown from me.”

Eddie Kingston is also exploring options to produce Hateos in person.

“Got a bully? I’ll pants ‘em and make them hit the Griddy in front of your entire class. Your worst enemy having a birthday? I’ll lick all the frosting off their cake and spit it on the floor. Ex-husband stiffing you on child support? I’ll beat it out of him like he’s Claudio Castagnoli ducking a match with me.”

The “Mad King” is currently offering a special deal; purchase two Hateos and he’ll slap Sammy Guevara for free.

“Hating is my business…and business is good,” declared Eddie Kingston defiantly.

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