The Elite, Scissoring, Dominik Doink, Thanksgiving Traditions And More!

Heck yeah, Halloween weekend! Still to this day I feel like a little kid at the beginning of October, counting down the days to the 31st. You may take this to mean that I come up with a wacky costume each year, but that’s not really the case. I either go with the Batman outfit I got around the time The Dark Knight hit (on clearance at Target) or a Magnum PI gimmick that I have no real idea why I ever got (aside from it also being in the closeout bin) that honestly makes me look more like “Weird Al” circa Dare to Be Stupid. Either way, it’s a win.

Now let’s see if there are any winners in the mailbag this week…

Sam G writes…”So apparently CM Punk is out of AEW, and Omega and the Jacksons are on their way back. That’s a pretty significant trade down isn’t it?”

Not really sure how it’s a ‘trade’ since they were all on the roster two months ago, but you do you I suppose. If you are asking which of these guys I’d rather still have, it would be Omega and the Bucks (err, Jacksons, as you call them) and I’m not sure it’s even close. That’s a personal preference of course, as I love heel Bucks more than just about any tag team I’ve ever seen. With all that said, I’d give them all up for Will Ospreay. Dude is money and most folks in the US don’t even know he exists.

Keith L asks…”How would the late 80’s/early 90’s WWF announce team react to Scissoring?”

Depends on the team. I see Jesse rolling his eyes as Vince laughs uproariously…Gorilla saying “these guys haven’t got a clue” whilst The Brain makes references that would 100000% not fly in 2022. And I couldn’t tell you what Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred would do as I would crazy glue the mute button in place.

Chad A wants to know…”What gimmick or angle you thought would be Wrestlecrap but turned out to be awesome?”

The pandemic brought forth the cinematic match era, and I went into pretty much every single one of them expecting them to be absolute garbage. But more often than not, they were pretty darn good. Was I the only one here? Maybe I was just so desperate for any entertainment at that time I was grading on a curve.

Steve M asks…”Is wrestling at a stage where it is ready for Mr X type jobbers to return?”

Wrestling is ALWAYS at a stage where Mr. X needs to return. And I say that not just because every Wednesday we post SQUASH of the Week.

David N inquires…”Will Survivor Series ever go back to being the Thanksgiving Day tradition?”

No, simply because it’s been replaced by the behemoth that is the NFL. It’s a real shame, honestly, as the WWF abandoned the concept about 10 years too early and now it’s one of football’s biggest days of the year. Times change, though – Black Friday is now dead as well, and that makes me even sadder. Remember the days of Calculator Man? Sure you don’t.

Mike M writes…”What was your first car that you bought with your own money?”

Pontiac Fiero, baby! I absolutely loved that car. Sadly, it caught fire like a lot of them did. Considering I had already been in four other car fires (no joke), this was probably not my wisest decision. That car rocked though. Wonder what they go for nowadays.

Ryan C wraps us up this week with…”You can’t spell Dominik without D-O-I-N-K . What does this mean?”

Not sure, but if he channeled his inner Matt Borne and rebooted that character, I’m fully onboard.

And with that, it’s time to bust open the giant bags of candy. I wish you all the happiest of Halloweens, and as always, ask you to keep sending in those questions!

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