The Shadow (Pez Whatley)

The Shadow

This Tuesday, one of Wrestlecrap’s most beloved wrestlers sadly passed away. “Pistol” Pez Whatley, age 54, finally succumbed to heart problems which had plagued him since the late 90’s. While Pez may have moved on the great wrestling ring in the sky, it wasn’t before giving us a gift – a lifetime of wrestling memories that amused everyone who watched him perform. In honor of him, this week we’re gonna look back at a previous Jobber Of The Week induction of one of the many wacky roles he played in his long career. A role that featured him wearing a masked costume so awful, it makes Rosey in his role as Superhero In Training look as regal as Mil Mascaras in his finest. An outfit so mismatched and tacky, it almost appears as if Pez is wrestling in his son’s Parts Unknown Underoos. But underneath the hideous outfit that was the masked Shadow, lurked the soul of one of the most underrated and talented wrestlers of all-time . Thanks for all the years of entertainment, Pez. May your memory live on!!!

One of the most beloved characters in comics and pop culture has to be the one and only, Batman. Since the 1930’s, millions of people have been entertained by the Caped Crusader, as he takes on evildoers in the name of justice. From comics to television to movies, his legend is older than some of our grandparents, and it will probably outlive all of us.

But I’m not here today to swing on Bruce Wayne’s nuts. There is another masked avenger decked out in blue and black that needs to be discussed. His story is a little less known than ol’ Batty, but I’m about to change all that. Sit back and thrill to the antics of this week’s Jobber Of The Week, the black and blue Shadow.

In the comic book world, young Bruce Wayne witnessed his parent’s murder by a despicable thug. On that day, in his parents honor, he vowed to fight evil and clean up Gotham City. As Batman, he chose a cool looking, dark blue outfit to symbolize being a creature of the night. Our JOTW here, well, his origin is a little different. Hungry for an extra order of hotwings at Hooters, odds are he donned the mask to get an extra paycheck that day by wrestling twice on a tv taping.

And forget about costume style. Enhancement talent aren’t usually known for their fancy ringwear but geez, get a load of Parts Unknown’s version of Steve Urkel here. Let’s see, ugly turquoise mask and trunks. Navy long-sleeved shirt. Black boots with red tubesocks hiked up to his knees. Yep, our “Dork Knight” here almost makes George South’s godawful lime-green Cruel Connection outfit look downright groovy. Much like Batman had Robin as a sidekick, the Shadow teamed up with a younger, annoying-as-hell kid as well.

Yep, that’s a young, pre-High Voltage Kenny Kaos hanging with the Shadow. Thankfully, Kaos left the green bikini briefs back in the locker room where they belonged – in Marc Mero’s gymbag. Our dynamic duds would test out their skills in the ring by going two-on-one against the Dungeon Of Doom’s completely immobile Loch Ness. The match, while as downright ugly as the latest Batman flick, “Batman and Robin,” was thankfully about two hours shorter. Faster than you can say “BOOM” or “WHACK,” Loch Ness used his repertoire of two moves to squash his inferior foes. Following the loss, the Shadow was never seen again. The Shadow was vanquished, but the memory of that hideous turquoise and blue wrestling outfit remained. Who was that masked man? Who in the world could have possibly wrestled in an outfit the Salvation Army would’ve thrown away? Who was that masked man?


Ah, everything somehow makes sense now. In a career marked by wacky twists and turns, the stint as the Shadow is just one of the many funfilled chapters in the “Pistol” Pez Whatley story, which will be continued right here… Wrestlecrap.

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